Windscreen Wipers and Wrecks

windscreen wipers

Jessica posses windscreen wipers only on the captains side of the boat. Being mere crew I have to stare out of a rain and salt smeared window. Spotting cruise ships, ferries and the odd errant yacht is becoming a pain so Roger being Roger has decided to fit a set of wipers to my side.

Scrap yard

I find myself on a sunny Sunday morning in Hampshires largest scrap yard, Silverlake. I live such an exciting life, never a dull moment.

We split up and  start wander around various wrecks and write offs looking for a certain windscreen wiper. We need two. One needs to be a left hand mount the other a right hand mount. Don’t ask as I have no idea why.

A shout goes up  and I find Roger with a large grin on his face. He is standing in front of what can only be described as a rusting skeleton of a car. Out of his pocket he produces a very large screw driver and a humongous pair of mole grips and starts attacking  the rear boot with the finesse of a butcher.

"Fingers" Parsons
“Fingers” Parsons

Me thinks he has done this before. Obviously signs of a misspent youth but you didn’t hear it from me.

Finally the windscreen motor parts company from the boot lid and we have a right hand mount. Whoopee do!

The hunt continues for the left hand one. I am slowly losing the will to live. Half an hour later we have what we need. We saunter back to the main office where we part with the princely sum of £15. (New ones would have cost hundreds).

Roger is going to fit the new wipers and motors  when Jessica comes out for annual maintenance in January. I will let you know how we get on.