Why a Motorhome?

why a motorhome

The year is 2020, yes that 2020! The year the world and people’s lives changed. That includes us so why a motorhome?

To be honest the COVID pandemic didn’t give us the idea of swapping boat for a motorhome but just cemented an idea we have had for some time. I was adamant that I was not a caravan sort of person but could see the adventure to be had with a motorhome.

Luckily the boat sold very quickly despite the restrictions and so the great discussion of “what sort of motorhome” dominated our lockdown.

Roger, being an ex HGV driver fancied one of those humongous trailer and tractor monstrosities you see on film sets but that ruled me out being an extra driver. To be honest, I am not sure we would have got down some of the narrow dinky lanes in Cornwell either! We ruled out a Winnebago for the same reason. At least a trailer and tractor bend in the middle, a Winnebago doesn’t. At the other end of the scale was the VW camper. The one with the 2 stroke lawn mower engine, painted in pink or yellow, covered in stickers or flowers. Called some silly name by the hippy couple who own it. Just plain NO!

The Motorhome Bucket List

I compiled a bucket list of “must haves” and “no way”

  • Has to be new. No more “projects”
  • Has to have static beds. I cannot be bothered to make up a sofa every night
  • Has to have a garage for storage. The boat was like the Tardis and I need similar to survive.
  • Has to have built-in Bluetooth and SatNav – this is  Rogers only request
  • Has to have a microwave. I have spent too many years on boats with no microwave.
  • No way to beds above the cab. I am too old these days to do an Ogla Korbet impersonation in the middle of the night on a trip to the loo.

We must have looked a hundreds, a no mean feat considering we were in lockdown.

Finally, we came across exactly want we wanted. Large Garage, rear made-up beds, microwave, decent bathroom and an interior I could live with.

Meet “Madge”