Spirit Levels and Ramps.

spirit levels and ramps

Spirit Levels and ramps are essential to happy motorhome life. Why I hear you ask. Regardless of how good your eyesight and judgement is, there is no such thing as a level pitch. Consequently, we were about to find this out. MH’ers use Spirit levels to discover how much slope there is and then place ramps under the wheels to counteract this phenomenon.

However, no one thought to impart this useful piece of information to us. We are used to marinas and boats and water is level in marinas consequently it never crossed our mind. After all, never in the history of time has there been a sloping sea!

On our very first trip out, we park in this lovely spot and get on with the joy of being in the great outdoors. The problems start that evening.

Pascals Theory

I cook a lovely dinner and hubby offers to do the washing up. A shout goes up from the kitchen. “The sink is not draining, do we have a plunger?”

“Well, it drained just fine at the handover” I replied. ” You must have put some food down there”. Lots of mutterings ensue. In the absence of a plunger, out comes the tool kit. The sink is laboriously emptied with a mug into a bucket, and a monkey wrench is employed to dismantle the gubbins under the sink. After a few minutes up goes a triumphant “All sorted. I have blown down the pipe, and it’s now draining” I had no reason to believe anything else.

Come bedtime the bathroom basin had the same problem. But it wasn’t until I got into bed and all the blood rushed to my head, that I realised exactly what was wrong.

The following morning we ramped up one of the back wheels and normality resumed.

And if you are wondering what `Pascals theory is: In more familiar terms, “water seeks its own level“.

But not necessarily where the drainage hole is!