Sinks, Showers and Heads

sinks showers and heads

Sinks showers and heads are not normally uppermost  in peoples minds when it comes to buying a boat. That prize  goes to galleys, cabins and in the eyes of the men, the engine room .

For you non boaty people “Heads” is the nautical term for the toilet.


The heads were at  the top of our bucket list when  looking at buying Jessica. Our first boat was very much a “bucket and chuck it” job. Our previous boat did have a built in toilet and shower but it was built for a 4ft oompa lumpa with the physique  of a racing snake. Roger who stands 6ft 2 and is slightly larger could not get in and close the door. Showering became a spectator sport. Hence my obsession of finding a boat with bigger heads.

Jessica ticks all the boxes. Light, airy, easy to keep clean and Roger can shower with the door shut. I immediately removed the curtains and put frosted film on the windows. Soggy curtains? No thanks.

Jessica's Heads
Jessica’s Heads

We knew we had a problem the first time we used the shower. it is one of those pull out and attach hose to wall type. Problem is that the hose is too stiff and so flies off the clip when too much water pressure is turned on. Not very funny when your eyes are full of shampoo and you are trying to pin down a snaking torrent of water. I quickly  changed this to one of those chrome hoses that bends. Sorted.

The other slight modification we have made is the  sink. Why Hardy think we need  10 inch deep sink is beyond me. Fill it and you empty the water tank, put a small dribble in it and you can’t get your face in to wash it. Useless! So out it came to be replaced with a delicate shallow bowl. Much more usable.

new sink
new sink

Our Poop Deck

Most marinas provide excellent showering facilities, some of them on par with 5 star hotels. But its no fun walking half a mile down a pontoon in the pouring rain after a warm shower. We love and use our little heads.

So much so we fondly call it the “poop deck”.