Shake Rattle and Roll

shake rattle roll

Oh boy, do motorhomes shake rattle and roll.

We all know how irritating it is to have an unidentified rattle in the car, however, it’s four hundred times worse in a motorhome. We picked up our new baby for the drive home only for Roger to slam on the brakes within 5 minutes.

“I have got to find that bloody rattle” he snarls. Ten minutes later he has removed the glass plate and plastic thingy with the little wheels on from the microwave. Meanwhile, he has stuffed the shelves from the oven and grill under the mattresses and put the grill pan on the floor. Did it help? Did it heck! The glass sink and oven lids added their own shake rattle and roll cacophony of noise. By the time we got home the pair us were a bag of jangling nerves.

However, on our second trip, we are a bit more prepared. The oven, grill and microwave items were stuffed under bedding while the sink and oven lids were edged with yards of foam pipe lagging.

Any improvement? NOOOO….We had forgotten that we had packed the cupboards full of “stuff”. Roger, at this point, has a cunning plan

The first thing to remember is Do not try this at home and Hampshire Police, please forgive me.

We took off down the M27 at a steady 50mph. I unbuckle my seat belt and go down the back in the hunt of shakes, rattles and anything rolling. Hanging on for grim death and bouncing off the walls I identify a few culprits. Tea towels are stuffed under saucepans, socks put over tins and toilet roll used to stop the kettle lid rattling. Consequently, a slight improvement, I rock and roll back to my navigator seat, re-buckle up and we return home.


By the time of our third trip I had, in addition to above

  • Made a fleece “cosy” to cover the TV
  • Put cloth placemats in the drawers to stop cutlery rattling.
  • Put a towel under the loo seat
  • Wrapped bottles in bubble wrap sleeves

Did it help – did it feck! I think we are going to have to live with it and just turn the volume up on the radio

If all else fails, Amazon do a nice range in ear defenders.