Sea Toilets – Why do they smell so bad?

sea toilets

If you think I am obsessed with sea toilets, you are right, I am. Read my last post and you will understand why.

Why do sea toilets smell so bad and stink the boat out especially when she’s been left for a week or two? And as we all know, the longer you are away from the boat, the worse it gets.

Its all so embarrassing.

It’s happened to all of us at one time or another. You invite your friends for a weekend on the boat ­ they arrive full of expectation ­ but as you unlock the cabin door, everybody recoils at the smell!

Truth is that nobody’s really worked out why it happens. Until now!

Everybody thought it’s what goes into the toilet that causes the problem. Fact is that it’s the water you’re flushing the toilet with that’s the main problem!

Sea or river water is full of living organisms, like, algae, plankton, microscopic bacteria, etc.
When these organisms go into the inlet pipe of a marine toilet they’re starved of oxygen and light, so they die and decompose.

That’s the smell!

Even if you flush with fresh water you can have the same bacterial problems in the  hoses and still end up with a smelly marine toilet because of smelly  hoses running through the bilges. Trouble is that marine  hose is porous and minute bacteria can actually penetrate the structure of the hose itself.

So how to combat this with out resorting  than a shed load of environmental unfriendly chemicals? One piece advice I was given was to use bog standard fabric conditioner – yes you heard that right.

The conditioner prevents solids from sticking as much to the tank and lines.

Don’t ask me why But it does seem to work. Thank god for Comfort