Repairs and Renovations

repairs and renovations

Repairs and renovations make up a big part of being a boat owner. Apart from the glaring obvious that cars don’t float, Boats are not like cars in the fact that they age much better than cars. A 20 year old boat is still very serviceable where as a 20 year old car is likely to be a rust bucket.

But like anything that gets old everything tends to date and show their age. We bought JESSICA a year ago and she is a 1998 build making her 18 years old. Like any teenager she was in need of a cosmetic make over.

Before I go any further you need to know an important fact. That is this……  BOAT stands for Break Out Another Thousand.

Marine retailers think we boaters are all minted  and they  have a nasty habit of adding an extra zero to all prices. Go to a caravan/motorhome retailer and the prices are not so eye wateringly obscene. Same products though.

Cabin Carpet

First to go was the cabin carpet. It was minging. Salty, sticky, smelly, just plain revolting.

We went and got quotes for marine carpeting. “How Much” we shrieked indignantly after picking ourselves up off the floor in horror

I’m thinking – It can’t be that  hard. So off we trot to the Carpet Warehouse. We find exactly what we want at a fraction of the price quoted. eBay produces the carpet binding. So far so good. We cut a patten from the old carpet, use paper clips to pin the binding in place and whip out the sewing machine.

Carpet Binding
Carpet Binding

I have to stress at this point that my sewing machine is from Tesco’s, not an industrial flat bed. We also see that the dinning room table is not big enough to swing large pieces of carpet through. So in the spirit of DIY  we move everything to the conservatory floor were Roger helps to feed the carpet around.

It was  a labour of love to say the least. a few domestic arguments later and we have a lovely new cabin carpet.

My thoughts move to the upholstery…..