Mickey Mouse and Minions

mickey mouse and minions

Mickey Mouse and Minions. What on earth do they have to do with owning a motorhome I hear you ask.

Well…….. Let me explain.

Most Motorhomes/Caravans have some sort of bathroom. Admittedly, they are the size of a telephone box with a shower pressure of a dribbly tap. However, if you are under canvas or a “Tenter” then you have to use the shower block on the site.

This means nosey MH people like me get to see the fashion parade to and froing from the showers. Therefore a spot of campsite people watching early in the morning is not be missed. Mickey Mouse and Minions refer to the sleepwear of certain campers.

PJ’s and Wellies

PJ’s and wellies are the de rigour wear of early morning campers. My idea of a good set of Pj’s is that they are cosy and a slouchy fit . I am not into fluffy bunny logos and silly slogans. My wellies are bog-standard green Hunters. I am so boring. So imagine my intrigue with what wanders past my deckchair observation point in the morning.

  • The first is a middle-aged lady of Rubenesque shape and size, for that read size of a house. She is wearing red fleece Mickey Mouse pyjamas. On the front is Mickey’s face with mouse ears that flap in the breeze. The back is embroidered with “Disneyland Paris 2015” in gold thread. The PJ’s are accessorised with matching red Mickey Mouse Wellies complete with ears protruding from the top.

  • Next, a young lady emerges from her tent in a cerise pink negligee. It appears so sheer that it would not disgrace an Anne Summers brochure or an Amsterdam Window. Worn with bright yellow unlaced Doc Martins and fingerless gloves bringing a little spot of “Je ne sais qoit” to the whole affair.

  • My favourite of the morning though is a young lad of about 3 who tears past wearing nothing but a huge grin and a beanie hat. Not a stitch on, not a care in the world with his little winkie flapping in the breeze. Oh, the joys of childhood.

But my education is finally completed on the evening shift when a lady and her young son wander by. Both dressed in identical fleecy minions onesies with the one-eye logo on the hoods.