Knotical But Nice – How it all started

knotical but nice

Knotical But Nice  started like this………..
Hubby – Darling, what would you like for your birthday?
Me – Hm not sure but some nice nautical themed costume jewellery that I can keep on the boat would be nice. Not too expensive with a unique look.
Hubby – lovely idea, I will have a look
2 weeks later, a bemused and harassed hubby looks up from his iPad and asks if Google could be wrong. When I asked why, he says he has tried every word permutation but cannot find any nice nautical jewellery in this country. Most is based in the US or China.  My  birthday was just a week away and he was worried that it might not get here in time. So I took over the search.
He was right, there was no company in this country providing exactly what I wanted. There is plenty of high end nautical theme jewellery but this defeated the object. So we swallowed the postage and customs duty and ordered from the US.

Birth of the Company

The lovely rope necklace and matching bracelet finally arrived 2 weeks later. too late for my birthday.  My husband’s only comment was ” well with all due respect I can put a few knots in a bit of rope and make money from it”
An idea came into my head and KNOTICAL BUT NICE  was born………………………..
We now stock a large range of rope jewellery. Necklaces, earrings and bracelets all with a lovely nautical theme.
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