Airing Your Dirty Laundry

airing your dirty laundry

The dictionary definition of “airing your dirty laundry” is “To talk to other people or in front of other people about personal things that should be kept private.”
However, I want to discuss its literal meaning such as personal items airing on the stranchion wire or bow rail.
At the height of summer some marinas take on the appearance of Widow Twankey’s Chinese laundry! Whilst it is acceptable to put damp towels out to dry, I am fed up with  looking out on a yachts boom laden with tatty boxers, Bridget Jones knickers, odd socks and grey bras.


We  recently spent a few days in a south coast marina next to a French registered yacht. Following an evening out we returned only to discover to find their  entire bow rail was covered in itsy bitsy cheese grater thongs. Victorias secrets? I don’t think so. Even Ann Summers was blushing..
There must have been 20 pairs pegged out and the whole thing resembled multi coloured lacy bunting.
My only thought was “wearing those and a crutch strap on your lifejacket must chafe!”
Not sure about anyone else but my onboard underwear is functional, non scratchy, black or nude and non VPL forming.
Stuff the sexy look, comfort is the name of the day. And I carry enough for each trip so no one else is inflicted with them blowing in a gentle breeze off the rail.


I appreciate traditional cotton towels are soft and fluffy but they are seriously not practicable in a confined space. They take forever to dry in our inclement weather and having a shower with yesterdays still damp towel is revolting.
Bearing in mind my husband is  a somewhat large chap, (for that read the size of a house) I found 2 huge microfibre bath towels on Ebay. They dry in minutes, don’t take up that damp musty smell form the heads and only take up a third of the space of normal towels.
It is Gods answer to all those damp smelly onboard towels and obviously invented by a woman.