About us and our boats

As you have got this far,  I thought I would tell you about us and the history of our boats.  Roger and I had never owned boats in our previous lives. We live close to the sailing mecca of the UK but it just didn’t cross our minds.

Every year the River Hamble hosts a regatta at Bursledon. Each year has a different theme and in 2005 it was the  bicentennial of the Battle of Trafalgar. The afternoon consists of a flotilla of small boats dressed to reflect the theme. We thought it would be fun to celebrate one of our finest Naval battles, so we set out to find a small boat.

Dijon Cuddy Cabin

We bought our first boat for £800 from eBay. A little Dijon cuddy cabin with an outboard. We lovingly repainted her and replaced the windows. I made some cushions for the cabin. we had a glorious summer pottering around the Solent. By this time we are both smitten and decide to upgrade the size so we can sleep overnight on her. We sold her for £2000

Shetland 570

history of our baots
Two Can

Our next purchase is a Shetland 570. She was also a bit of project but we had her looking smart in a season. At last we could sleep & cook onboard. We had 6 years of amazing fun sailing inland and coastal waters. But…. I was getting too old to keep cooking on my knees and I wanted hot water and more space.

Shetland 4+2

history of our boats
Two Can II

I now had my creature comforts. But Roger was unhappy as the heads were too small for him to comfortably use them. We had further cruising distance, more comfort, more space but still something was missing. we compiled a ‘bucket list’ of our our ideal boat.

  • under 30ft
  • heads that Roger could get in and use
  • diesel inboard engine (the last 3 boats had petrol outboards)
  • separate cabin so I didn’t have to pack away a V berth everyday

Hardy Seawings 277

history of our boats

Finally we get to play with the big boys.  Jessica ticks all the boxes.