31st August – Herm

We are off to Herm. Today is a  boat day however not ours. We need a ferry. Have you seen the rocks out here? Another cloudless blue sky. Herm is the smallest inhabited island of the Channel Islands. Well that’s not quite true because Brecqhou is. Brecqhou is a small sister island of Sark. Privately owned by the Barclay brothers, they live a reclusive life there.

Back to Herm. If you are interested it is 1.5 miles (2.4 km) long and under 0.5 miles (0.80 km) wide. No vehicles are allowed on the island so to get around you have to walk. That’s all the boring tourist knowledge over and done with.

First stop is to get some butties for lunch and some snorkelling gear. Roger has ventured into his rather fetching swim wear ( see below)

Furby Tours takes us on a bit of a route march to the other side of the island, but well worth it. Beautiful sand beach and crystal clear waters.

patriotic roger
patriotic roger

Shell Bay

Shell beach is a beautiful stretch of golden sand on the east coast of Herm.

We claim our bit of the beach and make camp. We are beginning  to look like a small version of “The Jungle” at Calais!!. At least we don’t have a gaggle of teenage girls and “like, what ever, shut up” to listen to. Rock pool exploring, swimming and shell collecting takes up most of the afternoon. It’s a scene out of Enid Blytons Famous Five but swap lashings of ginger beer for champagne. We are grown ups after all.

synchronised swimming
synchronised swimming

We stop off on the way to the marina to eat an early supper. We return to the boats tired and sandy. My goodness does sand get everywhere. The cabin resembles a kiddies sand pit.

crossing the channel - temp
Bloody hot

crossing the channel - wind
Who cares, not sailing

crossing the channel - sunny