27th August – Cherbourg


It’s not often I am persuaded it’s a good idea to get up at 5am whilst on holiday. Cherbourg is 3 1/2 hours away and tide and winds wait for no man. I am not sure the last time I saw the sun rise but I can guarantee that is was on the way to bed and not rising. At least we were not the only nutters rising at the time. Quite a lot of the boats were preparing to leave Yarmouth.

We slipped our moorings at 06.45 and 10 minutes later, after passing The Needles, turned due south towards France.

The Needles
The Needles

The Channel

To quote an old saying

“I went to sea to see the sea and all I saw was sea“.

Well that’s all we saw for 3 hours. When you consider the likes of Dame Ellen McCarthy and Sir Francis Chichester, I understand the challenge of sailing around the world. I genuinely get the reasons why they do it but oh my god it’s so so boring!

Cherbourg loomed out of the mist and we were soon on our berth and soaking up the hot French sun.

After a quick shower and change it was off down the the Wine Cave to pick up essential liquid supplies! 12 boxes of wine and bubbles. As the company delivers your order to the boat we had time to grab a bite to eat and wander back.

It is going to be a very cosmopolitan night tonight. The Brits do out number all nationalities here but we have Belgium Dutch, German, Swedish,  the obligatory French and 2 boats have just pulled in full of Russians. It’s going be a lively night. They break out the Vodka.


5 knots light breeze ESE