Campsite Manners & Etiquette

Campsite manners and etiquette can at times be subjective and flexible, but there are some hard and fast rules by which every MHer should abide. We’re sure you’ve been there, or perhaps you were one of the guilty ones: It’s late, you’re trying to relax or sleep after a long drive to your favourite site and someone pulls into the pitch next to you and cranks up their TV, shattering your tranquillity.

Manners and etiquette No-No’s to avoid

Noise Pollution

Everyone has to agree that noise pollution in a quiet setting upsets all. Not everyone is a Guns N Roses fan particularly at night and at a volume destined to make your ears bleed. Other highly annoying noises are letting Fido bark and whine and whinging screaming children. Similarly, if you do have to have a divorce inducing domestic, keep the language and volume down. However on the other hand, please also keep the “make up throes of passion bedroom session” noises down. MH’s tend to have very thin walls and sounds carry at night. In essence, No noise after quiet hours, please.

No squatting

First come, first served. If a pitch is marked and there are personal items around, it is already occupied. It is never OK to shift items aside and move in like squatters. Every MHer likes their site to face the river or sea and stay at a site with a great view or close proximity to the park’s amenities, but if one is not available and you end up by the shower block or waste disposal, it’s no excuse to steal an absentee MH’s enviable spot. “Possession is 9/10’s of the law” does not apply here.

No Tresspassing

Unless invited, never take a shortcut across another MHer’s site. it’s anti-social and possibly dangerous. You are not going to endear yourselves with your neighbours if five of you come traipsing across their site with a surly dog in tow. Nor are they going to love you if you go crashing into awning guidelines in the dark and ripping out tent pegs. Give each pitch a wide berth.

No Roaming Wildlife

Unless they are in designated pet areas, your animals should always be on a leash when on a campsite. Most MHers lash them to the bike rack at the back on long tethers. Another reason to observe the No trespassing rule. Tripping over Fidos long lead will lead to scraped knees and a close encounter of the hairy slobbery dog kind. The same rules that apply to pets apply to children. Screaming kids playing war games around the sites or using the place as a BMX rally course is considered really bad form. My advice is to follow the dog rule and lash them to the bike rack at the back.

No DIY………….

Nobody will fault you for cleaning the squished insects off your windscreen or checking tyre pressures in the morning, but please do not pull out the toolbox or cordless drill for some heavy DIY. Putting back loose screws is acceptable, arc welding the front axle is not. And if you must wash your pride and joy, (why, it’s only going to get dirty again on the way home), check with the park host to see if they have a space set aside for such excessive wetness. Nobody wants to camp in your mud. The missus won’t be too happy either if you traipse it in all over the carpets.

No Rubbish or Obstructions

We have all observed the pitch that takes on the attitude of the local council tip. Bikes strewn everywhere, electric cables trailing dangerously on the ground, washing lines designed to garrote the nearest passer-by. Do you leave rubbish on your front lawn at home? Of course not, and neither should you at your site. A neat and orderly site is a must for you and Mother Nature.

No Illuminations after Midnight

This seems that this is more a Tenter predilection. Tents drapped with enough fairy lights to rival Blackpool illuminations. Fine during the evening, but flashing lights while you are trying to sleep is like Chinese torture. And don’t forget the light from your motorhome’s porch. A low-wattage lamp for safety is one thing, But high powered LED strip lights are just plain rude!

No Dumping

Stop sniggering, this is not about lavatorial humour. Well yes, it is, in a literal sense. It seems like a no-brainer, but some people believe dumping grey water is good for the grass; however, your grey water can contain contaminants, detergents and food particles. Food particles will attract every flying beastie for miles not to mention Mr Fox and detergents are not good for Planet Earth. As for black water, for the love of God, it’s simple: only EVER in a dump station.

Dumping Waste
Don’t dump wate water

So Remember. Take nothing but photos and leave nothing but footprints